Installable Software Solutions
VidaFlowers is designed to work in and out of the physical bounds of any company, it's client-server technology provides a very speed sensitive, robust, graphical interface for use within your company; while the Web-Based solution delivers a very easy to use, low band-width design that provides the end user with online info in a very rapid and secure environment.
Specialized solution for farmers and growers, that manages all inventories from the moment of harvest to final shipping, purchase management and third party sales.
Web Developments
FTD® FlowerExchange The FTD Flower Exchange is a FREE & EXCLUSIVE fresh flower buying platform designed to provide floral purchasing solutions for FTD Members.
Vida18 develops and mantains on an ongoing basis the sales and inventory management platform to provide the customers with a top notch, real time marketplace that is constantly evolving in order to provide the users with excellent service and added value.
PassionGrowers is one of the most successful florist business in the market. Vida18's solutions manage the full process from the farm production to the sales, inventory and logistics management.
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